Kennel Clube BH – Exposio de Pastores – Sede Campestre

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A couple Popular kennel Footage Kennel Clube BH – Exposio de Pastores – Sede Campestre

Image by Lucas Vieira Moreira
Momento 2 – Parte 02 – Latindo e rosnando para o Figurante.
Moment 2 – Part 02 – Barking and snarling for Figurante. kennels play area

Image by Albert Freeman
Hs business is her boarding kennels and cattery. This is the exercise area for the dogs. 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Image by
IMPORTANT: You must link to our website: if you use this photo. Thanks for your cooperation. 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York City.
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Mustard Georgette Saree

The cool mustard georgette saree exudes a manner of novelty and quietness around it. The beautiful floral motifs in the saree are done with sequins and needlework. The saree is spotted with buttis which add to the charm and fascination of the saree. The attentively sequined designer border adds to the beauty of the mustard georgette saree. The saree comes with a matching blouse material that is dramatic without sleeves and with deep inverted petal neck in the front and the back. The saree and the works contained within would suit women with short frame. The plain beautiful mustard colour suits women with dusky colour or slightly dark complexion. The designs of the trendy mustard saree have been done with careful calculations to result in harmonious blend of sequin works, colour and the wonderful georgette material. The saree also suits a quiet lunch party with Click Here

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Bielat Santore & Companys Whos Who in the Restaurant Industry

Air Force veteran and his wife reporting for duty at Neptune, NJ steakhouse.

Neptune, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 24, 2014 An unobtrusive venue with a friendly staff and a mouthwatering menu best describes Brennens Steakhouse located in Neptune, New Jersey. Since opening in 2003, the restaurant, owned by Air Force veteran Kevin Fitzsimmons and his wife Maura, has been an area favorite.
Both natives of the Jersey Shore town and previous owners of former 10-year-old Neptune eatery, La Cantina, the couple are no strangers to the area. My husband always wanted to own a steakhouse, says Maura Fitzsimmons. My kids grew up here and we lived here all of our lives, so we thought this location would be a good fit.
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Plastic Surgeon Patronella Presents Artistically-Inspired Tummy Tuck Method to Future Generation of Plastic Surgeons in Texas

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Tummy tuck experts method transcends typical standards to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results, says surgeon, generating “overwhemingly positive” audience response

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 20, 2014 Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella was invited to present the key elements of his innovative True Form Tummy Tuck method as a visiting professor to plastic surgery residents and faculty at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (UTMB), where he, too, was once a medical student. Patronella, who is a founding partner of one of the largest private cosmetic plastic surgery practices in Texas, The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS), is also a clinical professor for UTMBs plastic surgery department.
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Extension Bellows Rig

A few Useful bellows Imagery Extension Bellows Rig

Image by TrombaMarina
Left: my extension bellows macro rig.

Right: photo taken with rig with the flash removed to let in natural light.

This extension bellows allows for up to 200mm of extension, giving almost 4/1 magnification with a 60mm lens. There is no coupling between the lens and the body, so aperture and focus are all manual. It takes bright light to find a subject and focus on it! BellowsContribution Link from AD Network connected with Nrgbinary -Nrgbinary

Image by kevin dooley
The bellows of a 1932 Bergheil Voigtlander medium format camera. Nikon Bellows II with 13.5cm f/4 lens and Nikon F camera

Image by s58y
– NIKKOR-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm — old bellows lens from around 1960

– BR1 adapter ring

– Nikon bellows II

– Nikon F camera Click Here

Tray Developed 8×10 X-Ray Film Test

A handful of Fantastic tray Artwork Tray Developed 8×10 X-Ray Film Test

Image by Shawn Hoke
For this negative, I went back to tray developing (very carefully) and devloped in total darkness. Since these two shots were just a test, Im happy with what X-ray film can do on a tricky exposure. Blog post about x-ray film Developing Tray #2

Image by Atomische * Tom Giebel

Developing Tray #2, an artwork by Anne Collier on the High Line billboard, NYC.

| Big | Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Miniature Food Donut Tray Pendant

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I have something for donuts ^^

tiny tray pendant
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Most effective 4 Tricks – Discover The Most Helpful Jewelry Tips And Tricks

It is as important to care for your jewelry as it is to properly store them. Check your jewelry to ensure there are no loose stones or breaks before you start the cleaning process, otherwise you may damage the item. If the item does have some issues, take it to an expert to be cleaned. Wearing jewelry could make you look more attractive. Giving jewelry to someone definitely makes you look very thoughtful. But did you know there is a whole language behind jewelry? The color of a stone means something, and what kind of jewelry you wear or give conveys a different message. Following are some tips on jewelry to help you get the most out of it:When making or gifting jewelry, make each piece even more meaningful by selecting stones, beads, and colors that communicate different emotions. Green gems like jade and emeralds represent growth and vitality, which makes them ideal Click Here

Locomotive Remote Control

Some Handy remote control Photos Locomotive Remote Control

Image by Kecko
The Rorschach-Heiden mountain railway runs customarily with only a railcar. In special cases, when railway wagons are connected, they do not shunt the railcar to the front of the train in Rorschach. The train is then remote controlled from the last wagon, and the railcar pushes the railway wagons uphill. I think thats pretty unique in Switzerland. Rorschach to Wienacht, Switzerland, July 26, 2008. remote control pig pileRandom AD Link when considering Traderush, Trade Rush, Traderush :Traderush, Trade Rush, Traderush

Image by redjar
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