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Common Home Improvement Mistakes

Many people are worried about getting too deep into home improvement projects because they see them as a deadly minefield with too many potential pitfalls to bear thinking about, let alone the fact that they can cost a lot of money and still go wrong. We don’t think that should put you off, though, as long as you consider what you can do to minimise your risk. Being aware of the most common errors people make when it comes to remodelling should help, so here are our pointers on what to avoid.

Failing to plan – You need to remain calm and do everything in the appropriate order if you want to succeed. Start with the initial planning stages, work out all your potential costs and only go ahead once you’re confident you have a backup plan for anything that could go wrong. If your plan hasn’t changed since you first started, you’re probably not ready to begin.

Here are a few home improvement planners that can help with the process:

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Modern Shabby Chic on a Shoestring

Shabby chic is an amazingly versatile trend that you can implement in so many ways to give your home some character. It might surprise you how shabby chic elements can fit in seamlessly with modern decor and give your room an injection of personality with very little effort or budget. Here are some of our favourite tips for adding a little rough-around-the-edges style to your home.

Woodwork – Get hold of some old wood and get to work on some DIY! You can make pretty much anything depending on the materials you have available. Some large piece of old barn wood are perfect for making a simple shelf or coat rack, or you can turn an old storage crate into a table for your bedroom or garden.

Metal Furnishings – You can get hold of some real bargains if you’re looking for basic, industrial-style furniture. Shelving units and tables made from unpolished metal tend to be the cheapest options around, but with some tasteful decorations they can look perfect in a cosy living room or bedroom. Adding some ornaments, books or candles to these metal structures can really soften them, and still works out very cheap. Continue Reading

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Boost The Value of Your Home

Whether you’re selling your house, renting out a property or you just want to make sure you’re investing wisely in your home, knowing the best and simplest tips for improving your property’s value is extremely handy. Not everyone realises the simple tricks you can do to instantly add value, so here are some of the top things to consider.



Add an extra room

This may not be the simplest way to add value, but it tends to be highly effective. A simple way of doing this is to build a conservatory, which adds something special to your living space. Ideally it should flow continuously with your existing living room, as open plan as possible. A step up from this is to convert your loft or basement into an additional room, which takes more effort but adds more value since it’s more flexible.



Repurpose your garage

If you have a garage attached to your house, it almost certainly has more potential as another room than it does as a garage. Unless you’re one of the rare examples of people who store an actual car in their garage, turn it into an extra living space to offer something more unique to potential buyers or renters. Continue Reading

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Original Flooring Ideas

The flooring in your home can become something you barely notice after a while, but it can also transform the entire look of your room if you get it right. Carpets are relatively simple to fit but they don’t necessarily have a great lifespan or bring out the best in the rest of your furnishings. Here we look at a few alternatives that you might not have considered.

Bamboo – This particularly fashionable wood has been used for flooring for a long time, but only recent developments in the way it is processed have allowed us to choose from the wide range of bamboo options on the market now. It’s extremely hard, even compared to other hardwoods, especially if you opt for the strand-woven variety, and looks amazing in a large, open plan room that shows off the unique grain and colour.

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Add a Whole New Room to Your Home

How we choose to use the space in our home is often determined by the total number of rooms we have. That’s why a property’s value is usually directly linked to how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, too. Each room serves a function, and the configuration of your building determines how much storage you can have, the furniture you can fit in and so on. You aren’t limited to your current setup, however! It’s possible to add an entirely new room to your room, freeing up useless space and giving you a ton of new options. Here are some of the most fun ideas:

Study Space – This works especially well for children, especially when their bedroom is primarily a play room. By converting some unused space into a small study, you can create a dedicated space for studying that’s completely separate.

Games Room – The alternative for getting away from the clutter of toys and games is to hide away the games room! This one works for both kids and adults, giving you a space to store all the fun stuff that you don’t want cluttering up your room every day. Continue Reading